Hot Topics: Halle Berry’s Revealing Dress at the FiFi Awards

Hot Topics: Halle Berry’s Revealing Dress at the FiFi Awards

Halle Berry See-Through Dress

Halle Berry See-Through DressThe Interwebs were abuzz last night about the revealing dress Halle Berry wore to the FiFi Awards (basically the Oscars for fragrances) last night in The Tent at Damrosch Park in New York City’s Lincoln Center. Everyone who’s anyone in the fragrance world was there, including Halle Berry, who has her own line of fragrances.

But I was aghast when a friend sent me a link to this photo of the dress she wore last night (don’t be surprised if the link is broken by the time you read this). My first thought was, why would such a classy actress wear a see-through dress? It just makes her look … not classy.

Then I did some checking around and wondered, like some of the commenters over there, if the dress had been photoshopped (and if so … WHY???). In the photos posted here, the dress does not look like it’d be see-through at all. So unless the lighting brought out the see-through-ness of the dress, I’m inclined to think that photo was fake.

On the other hand, Halle was there representing her new perfume “Reveal,” so maybe she meant to wear a see-through dress. Whatever the case, she was definitely a star last night, as she took home the Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award.

And it’s not like she hasn’t worn revealing dresses before. There’s the sheer Elie Saab dress she wore while making Oscar history in 2002, and at the bottom of this post is the Catherine Malandrino leather-and-sheer dress she wore to the Moscow premiere of Cloud Atlas last year.

Your thoughts? If last night’s dress is actually see-through, does it make Halle Berry classy or not? 

Halle Berry See-Through Dress

Halle Berry See-Through Dress

Halle Berry Leather See-Through Dress

Photos: Fifi Awards, Cloud Atlas Premiere

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