Investigation Discovery’s Final Cut Shows Dark Side of Hollywood

Investigation Discovery’s Final Cut Shows Dark Side of Hollywood

hollywood sign

hollywood sign

I’m not an avid watcher of TruTV or anything, but sometimes I can get into these true-crime shows. Sometimes not. But Investigation Discovery‘s Final Cut seems like a worthy watch, especially because I mostly only write about the shiny, fun aspects of Hollywood. Of course, there’s a dark side. We just don’t hear about it that often.

With expert commentary by investigative journalist Pat LaLama, Final Cut proves that it isn’t all glitz and glam in these sought-after Hollywood hills. Following devastating stories of big dreams turned horrific nightmares, each episode looks at shocking stories featuring the last act of an aspiring star’s career.

The show premieres Wed., Dec. 5 at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery, with the first episode featuring the stories of two aspiring young stars, model Kimberly Pandelios and actress Linda Sobek. They never met, but both shared big dreams of being famous.

Their cases are nearly identical: two young women, both blonde and beautiful, both ventured out to a remote location for a photo shoot. Neither came home. Found buried in shallow graves just miles apart, these girls share more than just a tragic fate – they may also share a murderer.

Other cases explored on the show:

The Killing Fields’ Haing Ngor, famous for being one of only two non-professional actors in history to receive an Oscar, was murdered in cold blood.

Merlin Santana, The Cosby Show’s child star and a six-year cast member of The Steve Harvey Show, was gunned down while sitting in a car on a Los Angeles street corner.

Al Adamson was a master of kitschy, low-budget horror movies, only to find himself a victim in a story that could have come straight from one of his own films.

Daniel Serrano, a charming plastic surgeon who resorted to industrial-grade lubricant when his supply ran out, leaving devastating results for his clients, including Shawn King, Larry King’s wife.

Anand Jon, an aspiring fashion superstar – and sexual predator – who lured underage models to his own Runway of Hell

Garrett Warren, a martial arts expert and respected stuntman who was gunned down after opening his front door, but somehow lived to tell the tale.

Are you a fan of true crime shows? Think you’ll watch this? 

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