Help Matt Damon and Passports With Purpose Help Haiti

Help Matt Damon and Passports With Purpose Help Haiti

matt damon,
matt damon,
Matt Damon does his part for

How do you feel about movie stars taking on high profile charitable causes?

It has been nearly two years since an earthquake tore apart the already troubled country of Haiti. One of the Haitians’ desperate needs is access to clean water.  Matt Damon co-founded the organization, which tackles one of the most fundamental needs of people around the world. Unlike some movie star projects, this one is solidly based and desperately needed.

Why are we talking about this today? Because a group of travel bloggers and members of the travel industry have banded together in a yearly fund raiser to help someone in some area of desperate need. This year, the fifth year of the project, Passports With Purpose will raise $100,000 — in a two week period — in ten dollar increments — IF you help.

Haitians carrying water
Haitians carrying sewer water from a stream to use for washing and cooking. This picture is used by permission of

Every bit of the money raised will all go to and will be used to build five community wells in Haiti to serve hundreds of people.

You can donate any amount through Passports with Purpose to, and pick a fabulous prize to win with each $10 contribution. Prizes, donated by travel industry and hosted by travel bloggers are worth at least $100 and can go as high as $5000.

Haiti kids
Haiti kids. Photo used by permission of

It is nice to win, but, hey, if you give $10 you are already a winner. Think how good it will feel to bring water to people who need it.

Hurry! You only have two weeks to join in this incredible project. Take a look at A Traveler’s Library to learn more about the project, and the prizes I’m hosting (Hint: New Orleans and a library).  Go on over to Passports With Purpose and see all the prizes they have to offer.The video below features Matt Damon talking about’s Haiti project. This is an amazing effort, and I would love to have you be part of it. Please let us know what you would like to win — for yourself or to give as a gift to someone else.

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