Would You Like to be Flash-Mobbed?

    Mobbed Premieres Nov. 23, 2011 on Fox
    Let's hope the medics are standing by.

    Howie Mandel’s new show Mobbed premieres Nov. 23, 2011 on Fox. I like the concept of this show, because flash mobs are sort of a hit on YouTube … or are they? Have they outlived their 15 minutes of fame?

    But if I was faced with a flash mob out of the blue, I’d probably be a little freaked out. Ok, a lot freaked out. Like, entering heart attack territory, just like the girl in the video below, about to get proposed to in front of hundreds of dancing people. Mobbed follows Howie and his crew as they organize flash mobs for unsuspecting folks.

    And then you have to wonder … a wedding is a really big thing for a girl. What if she wants a little more control over things? Like, say, a wedding dress, for instance? Or an organized guest list with all her friends and family? Frankly, the more I think about it, I’d probably be a little ticked off if my boyfriend not only proposed to me, but also had the wedding right then and there.

    How would YOU feel if faced with a flash mob?  Would you be mortified? Check out the videos below of Howie organizing it and the girl freaking out…

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