This may be the very coolest press kit I’ve ever received – and after decades in the entertainment writing biz, I’ve received a lot.

Ok, I’m still using my ‘Beach Girls’ beach towel that Lifetime sent me in 2005, so there’s one for longevity. And the case of Pop-Tarts I got while writing a story on the iconic breakfast food for USA Weekend is right up there.

But this morning, the UPS guy delivered a big box from 20th Century Home Entertainment with some very cool stuff:


To break it down, the package includes:

  • An awesome cashmere-like blanket you can tuck into a little case and turn into a pillow. It’s called Kashwere, and it really does feel like cashmere.
  • A very practical and just-right shoulder bag with a 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logo that’s not the least bit annoying.
  • A bottle of wine! Yes, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon labeled with a 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment label.
  • DVDs for ‘Futurama, Vol. 5,’ ‘Glee, Season 2, Vol. 1 (the ‘Rocky Horror’ episode is on there), ‘Archer Season 1,’ and ‘Family Guy: It’s a Trap.’ Something for everyone!

Thank you, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment!

Your Best Friend,


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