Tim Roth’s Photos from the Lie To Me Set


    lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-13 Tim Roth has a great Twitter feed, and he’s been posting pics from the set of ‘Lie to Me,’ currently in its second season, airing Mondays, 9/8c on Fox (new time!).’ Season 3 starts Nov. 10, though it’s only been picked up for 13 episodes.

    I thought it’d be fun to post a few of his pics here, and by all means, spread the word that Fox needs to give ‘Lie To Me’ the same respect and promotion as it does ‘Glee’ and ‘House.’

    As one fan said to me recently, “It’s ridiculous of Fox to renew ‘Lie to Me’ each season for only 13 episodes and then leave all the fans hanging (along with the cast, crew and writers) as to whether they’re going to pick up the back 9. The show deserves full season pickups like all of the other shows on the network.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Hop over and follow Tim Roth on Twitter, and after the jump, check out a few more pics to keep you psyched for the rest of this season and the new one starting November.

    Also, check out these awesome ‘Lie To Me’ fan sites: LieToMeScoop and LightmanGroupie .

    lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-1 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-2 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-3 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-5 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-6 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-7 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-8 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-9 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-10 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-11 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics-12 lie-to-me-tim-roth-twitter-pics

    Images: Tim Roth’s Twitter Feed

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